We tackle the UNEXPECTED.

We lean into the unexpected because unexpected experiences prepare us to tackle any challenge.

In 2020, the disruption of the pandemic proved we needed to chart a new path. Our world changed, and similarly, our strategic priorities needed to be realistically focused. Quest 2028 was not a complete overhaul of Quest 2025; it’s an intentional refocusing of our work as an institution focused on serving the needs of Virginia, allowing us to apply the lessons we’ve learned over the last three years.

The strategic plan, Quest 2028: One VCU Together We Transform, sets the projected course for VCU for the years 2022 to 2028. It is a broad, guiding document to provide strategic direction for the organization in which all departments will be encouraged to develop plans in alignment.

Strategic planning leadership

Co-chairs from VCU and VCU Health lead us through a recalibration process to intentionally develop a One VCU plan.

VCU chair

  • Fotis Sotiropoulos, provost and vice president for academic affairs at VCU 

VCU Health co-chairs

  • Amanda Dulin, AVP of strategic planning and business development for VCU Health System
  • Nina Hobcroft, chief strategy officer for VCU Health System

Feedback from VCU and VCU Health communities

The university conducted a survey and townhall meetings to collect feedback on the previous strategic plan from faculty, staff and student shared governance groups, external community stakeholders and deans. These efforts lead to four themes for the university.

VCU Health engaged more than 200 team members in discussions and progressive refinement of goals and objectives to produce four themes for the health system.

Here’s what we learned from those discussions: 

  • More can be done to comprehensively weave diversity and inclusion throughout all of the work within the university and beyond our borders. 
  • More innovative curricula to meet student and workforce needs, and personalized support to ensure student success. 
  • Provide more real-world learning opportunities for ALL of our students. 
  • Do more to recruit and retain outstanding staff and faculty. 
  • More focus on using our research and expertise to inform needs and solutions in our region. 
  • Confidently tell our ONE VCU story to strengthen and deepen key relationships with alumni, employers and the community.