The Quest Innovation Fund has provided to support to these projects over the years. The most recent projects to receive the Commercialization Fund were announced in early 2018. Congratulations to these and all of the previous Quest Innovation Fund recipients.

Title: Novel Flavonoid based Oligomer for Treating Lung Diseases

Investigators: Masahiro Sakagami, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy; Umesh Desai, Ph.D., professor of medicinal chemistry in the School of Pharmacy; and Judith Voynow, M.D., professor of pediatrics in the School of Medicine

Description: Dr. Sakagami and colleagues have synthesized a series of unique compounds that could be used as a therapy for lung diseases, especially cystic fibrosis (CF), emphysema/chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD) and bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

Title: Functionalized Dendrimeric Nanoparticle Platform for Reducing Atherosclerosis

Investigators: Shobha Ghosh, Ph.D., professor of internal medicine in the School of Medicine; Hu Yang, Ph.D., professor of chemical and life science engineering in the School of Engineering

Description: Dr. Shobha Ghosh and Dr. Hu Yang have developed a novel strategy of utilizing carbohydrate-functionalized dendrimeric nanoparticles to deliver appropriate therapeutic agents to targeted cell types for the treatment and reversal of atherosclerosis.

Title: PRECYSE Diagnostic Tool for Blood Cancer

Investigator: Jason Reed, Ph.D., associate professor of physics in the College of Humanities and Sciences

Description: PRECYSE is a platform technology that identifies complex genetic biomarkers in a fast and cost effective manner. Besides being sophisticated and highly efficient diagnostic tool for cancer (especially blood cancers), it could also be used in areas of law enforcement/homeland security, drug development, medical research and agriculture.

Title: LCMO bases Magnetic Refrigeration

Investigator: Everett Carpenter, Ph.D., professor of chemistry in the College of Humanities and Sciences

Description: Dr. Carpenter has developed a novel method for manufacturing Lanthanum Calcium Manganese Oxide (LCMO) with targeted magnetic properties. The LCMO is used to create low cost/high efficiency magnets for specialized refrigeration units that are 30-50 percent more efficient than traditional refrigeration.

Title: Development of Secure Compartmentalized Automated Refrigerated Storage (SeCARS) for Controlled Medicines

Investigators: Thomas Roper, Ph.D., professor in chemical and life science engineering; and Karl Hayter, pharmacy manager for the Inpatient Pharmacy, VCU Health System

Description: This invention solves an ongoing challenge in the refrigerated pharmacy supply chain for the secure storage of refrigerated medicines and vaccines.

Title: The Nuzzi: A Breastfeeding Aid

Investigators: Kristina Bonovitch, clinical nurse WIP IV, Mother/Infant Care Unit, VCU Health System; Gauri Gulati, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine; Sharon Brinkley, clinical nurse WIP IV, Labor & Delivery, VCU Health System; and Lisa Rettig, clinical nurse V, Mother/Infant Care Unit, VCU Health System

Description: The "Nuzzi" is an innovative product developed by a team of lactation specialists at VCU and VCU Health System that supports successful breastfeeding. It's a sling-like device that wraps around the woman’s neck and goes under the breast to provide support during breastfeeding.


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