Plan updates

February 2018

Quest 2025: Together We Transform's writing group continued its progress shaping the text of the eventual plan. With nearly final goals in place, the group turned its attention to incorporating metrics and other implementation features into the draft plan.

Work groups, meanwhile, continued to craft practical implementation plans for their given theme, taking possible metrics, strategies and goal distinctiveness all into consideration.

January 2018

With the plan's new name in place, the team charged with writing Quest 2025: Together We Transform has begun meeting bi-weekly, carving out the initial drafts of what will become the final plan.

Work groups also continued meeting to whittle down their final list of themes and goals, looking for key areas of overlap between themes and ways to combine ideas.

December 2017

At its end-of-year meeting on Dec. 7, the steering committee unanimously approved the official name for the new strategic plan — Quest 2025: Together We Transform.

The committee also heard updates from the work groups on their progress, including a first look at draft themes and goals. After hearing guidance from the committee, the work groups will continue to refine and narrow down this list of goals, as they whittle them down to a final plan.

November 2017

Work group activities in November focused around two main goals: crafting measurable goals for their related topic, and planning for how the plan will be implemented. An initial draft produced more than 40 potential goals for the VCU strategic plan, which the work groups and leadership will work to fine-tune and whittle down.

October 2017

Our town halls in October saw more than 120 members of the VCU community come out to lend their voices to the strategic planning process. Discussion at the town halls, held in the Academic Learning Commons and the Egyptian Building, included:

  • Presentation of preliminary goals from each of the five work groups
  • Brainstorming and direction for potential plan names
  • Organizing principles for the strategic plan, and how they reflect VCU's values

September 2017

The VCU Strategic Plan 2025 work groups began shifting their focus to creating implementation plans this month, as their proposed goals continued to be fine-tuned and whittled down.

Work group co-chairs also presented an update on their group's progress to the Board of Visitors in September, and the full steering committee met at the end of the month to provide guidance for both filtering theme goals as well as implementation.

August 2017

As classes begin on the VCU campus, the university's next strategic plan continued to take shape, as the work groups submitted their first round of draft goals for their respective themes. These goals, once fine-tuned through dialogue with the steering committee and the VCU community at large, will eventually form the structure of the new strategic plan.

In addition to incorporating any upcoming feedback, the work groups and task groups will also begin thinking about how to filter and implement these goals as well - working toward our target of a flexible and practical plan.

Summer 2017

Despite the summer break, work on the strategic plan continued in earnest, as work groups began forming the goals that will make up the framework of the 2025 strategic plan.

Work groups also identified, created and charged a number of task groups: subunits designed to lead an even more detailed exploration of a given goal or aspect within a theme.

The plan's writing team — subject matter experts within each work group who will help author the plan — was finalized in the summer as well, while each team also added a communications expert to help them with any creative needs.

May 2017

Among our major milestones this month include:

  • We held our third steering committee meeting, where work groups presented their work to date and representatives from the VCU master site plan discussed ways to coordinate efforts
  • Work groups finalized their personnel, and held their first meetings as a group to identify priorities and direction
  • We presented an update on the strategic plan at the end-of-year Board of Visitors meeting

April 2017

In April, we held town halls at both the Academic Learning Commons and Sanger Hall to collect public input into our strategic planning process. At these town halls:

  • Work groups representing the plan's major themes each led discussions, prompting audience members with questions and polls to help provide direction
  • More than 130 people attended in person, while our live stream of the events (via the VCU Facebook page) reached more than 3,800 viewers each

The strategic plan steering committee also held its second meeting in April, where they discussed the scope of the strategic plan and how best to focus efforts.

To watch a replay of either of these town hall events, visit our recent presentations page.

March 2017

March proved to be a big month for the new strategic plan, as we:

  • Held a meeting with the plan's co-chairs (Dr. Hackett and Dr. Rappley) and the VCU vice president for university relations in order to shape key messages and direction for the plan
  • Had more than 230 members of the VCU community volunteer to be part of the strategic plan planning process — a testiment to the university's commitment to service