Work groups

Strategic plan work groups each explore a key theme emerging as an integral part of the strategic plan. Work groups then shape and define these themes, recommend related goals, and form interdisciplinary task groups to further delineate goals, challenges and opportunities. 

Leveraging Diversity work group members

Co-chairs: Rosalyn Hargraves, Ph.D., and Laura Rugless, J.D.

  • Holly Alford
  • Mary Cox
  • Raina Fields
  • Enoch Hale
  • Daniel Jason
  • Archana Pathak
  • LaTina Pitts
  • Kelechi Unegbu-Ogbonna

Local Impact and Social Embeddedness work group members

Co-chairs: Tim Davey, Ph.D., and Sheryl Garland, M.H.A.

  • Holly Alford
  • Heidi Crapol
  • Herbert Hill
  • Cathy Howard
  • Evan Sisson
  • Lisa Webb
  • Niran Wijesooriya

National Prominence work group members

Co-chairs: Montse Fuentes, Ph.D., and Peter Buckley, M.D.

  • Michael Donnenberg
  • Susan Gooden
  • Puru Jena
  • Monika Markowitz
  • June Nicholson
  • Gregory Triplett
  • David Shields
  • Jared Crist
  • Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves and Enoch Hale, liaisons from Leveraging Diversity work group

Student Success work group members

Co-chairs: Debra Barksdale, Ph.D., and Chuck Klink, Ph.D.

  • Shelli Fowler
  • Hannah Leopold
  • Heidi McCormick
  • Maria Rivera
  • Maggie Tolan
  • Kelechi Unegbu-Ogbonna

Culture of Appreciation work group members

Co-chairs: Kevin Harris, M.S.A., and Andrew Daire, Ph.D.