New Strategic Plan (2019-2025)

University-wide engagement has been the hallmark of VCU’s highly successful strategic plan, Quest for Distinction. Now it is time to come together to begin a new conversation about our next strategic plan and build on the legacy of Quest. 

What's next?

Stakeholder Updates

Building upon the Listening Sessions held in November 2016, we will be meeting with existing groups of faculty, staff and students throughout February and into early March to discuss and refine potential themes and goals for the next strategic plan.

Strategic Focus Exercise

In mid-February we will launch an online exercise to ensure broad participation in planning. The exercise will be built upon the results of the previous Listening Sessions and Stakeholder Updates. We will send additional information including a link to the exercise via email during the week of February 13.

Coming Soon: Town Hall Meetings

In mid-March the steering committee will host a series of Town Hall Meetings to introduce the initial framework of proposed themes for the next strategic plan. Dates are forthcoming.

Recap: November 2016 Listening Sessions

The project team hosted twelve listening sessions on both campuses in late November. A total of 260 attended the sessions. In attendance were faculty (59%), staff (33%) and students (7%).* Here are some examples of what we heard from listening session participants: 

Why do we come to VCU? Why do we stay?

"We have the power to transform Richmond and we are doing it."

"I feel like I fit in."

"The diverse, urban teaching environment."  

What makes VCU unique now?

"VCU is driven to be a part of the community."

"The medical campus location in an urban environment."

"Our growth has been innovative. We’re not just putting up buildings."

What opportunities do you see to make these unique things about VCU even better?

"Define what contributes to our success and do more of that!"

"Incentivize collaboration and interdisciplinary work."

"Commit to address big problems in the community."

What is your big dream for VCU?

"Capitalize on diversity to make something of it rather than just have it."

"A learning environment where you can engage with lots of people and find your career path."

"Graduate here. Stay here."

*2% were classified as “other” which included administrators and post-doctoral fellows. 

Raw data (responses) from the listening sessions is available for VCU students, faculty and staff. Click here to download raw data from the November 2016 listening sessions. (VCU CAS Authentication required)



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Steering Committee

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